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The language of the convenience store

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If an Italian, an Englishman and an American talk about minimarkets, it could happen, indeed it happens, that Italian means neighborhood supermarket, while an Englishman and an American will talk about a very variable type of store that oscillates between the drugstore at 7Eleven, Tesco express and the supermarket in gas stations.

And it is precisely on this last format that since 2009 the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has periodically conducted a survey on the competitive factors of the "convenience" channel: BCG asked a sample of 2,000 respondents the degree of importance that each attributes to about thirty competitive factors.

For example, cleanliness, speed of payments, security (understood in the environmental and product sense) are factors with high potential for differentiation, while factors such as brand reliability, low prices, fast and agile payment are considered by consumers as essential factors. However, we are always in the high degree of evaluation by the consumer.

The proximity of the store is a factor that arises in the middle: that is, it is considered a basic factor but at the same time an element of differentiation.

Then there are also contrary factors such as, for example, products and services liked and appreciated, but not expressly requested. From these factors pass several opportunities for differentiation both in terms of quality and image. These offers are called "delighters" and are very popular today when many marketers talk about customer satisfaction.

Using "customer satisfaction" to differentiate yourself from "customer satisfaction" may seem like just a marketing buzzword, but in reality, customer satisfaction is the highest level of customer satisfaction, and when used effectively, it can help increase brand loyalty among your customers.

You satisfy your customers when you give them something they expect. He delights them when you give them something they didn't expect.

The classic example is the car repair service that washes your car after repairing it. Go pick up your car and, wow, not only does it work better, but it also looks good!

Here's another example: A customer calls to complain about a problem with a product. You satisfy the customer when you immediately offer the customer to return the defective product and replace it free of charge, with no return shipping costs. Delight the customer when you add a €20 card for your next purchase.


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