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Collaborate with local brands: a winning move for variety stores

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Collaborating with local brands can be a great opportunity for variety stores. Here are some ideas on how to do it:

Progetto senza titolo (40).png- Sell local products: try to find local brands that offer products that you could sell in your store. This could include food, beverage, artisan and homeware manufacturers.

- Organize collaborative events: Partnering with other local shops or restaurants to organize events can help create a sense of community around your shop. For example, you could organize an event to showcase local products, a tasting event or a concert.

- Sponsor local events: Sponsoring local events such as festivals or sports competitions can increase the visibility of your store and connect you with the local community. In exchange for the financial support, you could get publicity and visibility for your brand.

- Partner with local influencers: Partnering with local influencers can help promote your store and raise awareness of the local products you sell. You could offer them products in exchange for reviews and social media posts.

- Use in-store marketing: Use your space to promote the local products you sell. You could create displays with images and information about local producers, use custom signs or placards to highlight local products.

It's worth delving into the concept of in-store marketing: what is in-store marketing?

In-store marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of using elements within the store to promote products and improve the customer shopping experience.

The goal of in-store marketing is to create an attractive, organized and easy to navigate sales environment that guides customers to purchase products. In-store marketing includes a variety of elements such as product layout, lighting, signage, product display, and the use of technologies such as digital screens and sensors.

Some of the more common in-store marketing techniques include:

Store layout: The placement of products within the store is designed to guide customers through a specific path and increase sales. For example, fast-moving products are placed near the checkout or in prime locations.

Signs and Placards: Signs and placards can be used to highlight promotions or special offers, or to indicate where certain products are located within the store.

Displays: Displays are used to promote specific products or to create a shopping experience. They can be created with products that are related to each other, with eye-catching images or with messages that attract the attention of customers.

Technologies for customer engagement: Technologies such as digital screens and sensors can be used to improve the shopping experience of customers and guide them towards certain products.


In short, in-store marketing is an effective way to create a pleasant shopping experience and increase sales within stores.

In conclusion, partnering with local brands can be a great opportunity for variety stores to stand out from the competition and build a connection with the local community.


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